Quality back-of-the-book indexing and editorial services for publishers and authors
Fast turnaround time—can accommodate tight schedules and work on short notice

The inclusion of a quality index is essential to the value of publications. Indexes do much more for books than provide a list of key words contained in them. A professional indexer reads and digests the meaning in a book and relates concepts in one part of the book to concepts in another. We are very well read and know how to quickly, efficiently, and accurately index the important information in a book. We are detail oriented and can organize these details into a meaningful order. We bring an objectivity to the comprehension of a book's concepts which represents the author's perspective while keeping the reader's point of view. We are also familiar with publishing practices, limitations, and deadlines and are skilled at working within the parameters dictated by the publisher. My indexes would greatly enhance the usability and increase sales of your books. By contacting me when your next book title is being planned, I can show you that adding my indexes to your books will present readers with a text that is a more valuable tool than a one-time read. If you have any questions about indexing in general or my services in specific, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Shoshana Hurwitz

shoshana [at] hurwitz-indexing [dot] com