Back-of-the-book indexing: base rate $3.50/indexable page, which may go up or down depending on factors such as book density, complexity, and type size.
Biblical indexes: $5.00/indexable page for both a subject index and a Biblical index.
For books that require a list of Biblical sources to be compiled, $1.00/indexable page will be added.
Index revisions: $0.50/entry (books that were originally indexed by me only).
Proofreading: $2.00/page. This does not include developmental editing.

I work from PDF files of the final manuscript and deliver completed indexes via e-mail in Word format. Any changes to the manuscript after work is completed will be charged at the same rate.

A surcharge of 50% will be added to any project that requires work outside of normal business hours.

Payment is required in full by 30 days after the invoice date unless otherwise determined in advance. Clients who have not paid invoices in a timely fashion in the past are asked to pay half before the indexing begins and the other half when the index is completed; the index will be submitted upon receipt of payment in full. Clients who wish to pay in shekels or other currencies than dollars may do so at the conversion rate of the day the invoice is submitted.

Invoices can be paid via check, bank transfer with the addition of a bank transfer fee (in either dollars or shekels), or credit card via PayPal.

Checks (made out to Shoshana Hurwitz, NOT Hurwitz Indexing) may be sent to my Israeli address:

23/6 Hakeren St.
Maale Adumim 98351

or my American address:

21370 Campo Allegro Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Shoshana Hurwitz
Hurwitz Indexing

Last updated: February 2017